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where fashion meets sustainable!

our goal is to create a community where sustainability and style go hand in hand.

Style society life isn t perfect bu your wardrobe can be

how it all began

our little purpose began with a BIG dream!

Where the latest new season fashion didn't cost the planet + people and where landfill wasn't taking over.

Inspired by passionate entrepreneurs and visionary designers crafting styles that spoke of timeless classics and making a difference. We decided it was time to make changes in our wardrobes and in the ethos of how we shopped.

But understanding and finding quality sustainable options wasn’t easy.

the lightbulb moment

That’s when it hit us — what if there was a single place, where finding sustainable fashion was easily accessed.   What if this could be a hub where the concerned shopper meets the conscious brand.

And so, Style Society Marketplace came to life!

Fashion sustainable style society marketplace

the conscious journey

and so, it began!

Researching and learning about the world of sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly fashion. We learnt about fabrics, the people who make the clothing, and the trails of destruction we leave on the planet with every piece we wear.

Turns out, the fashion industry is packed with naughty little secrets that are not good for the environment or people for that matter.  We are not here to judge, but document this crazy, beautiful sustainable fashion adventure.

We are women on a mission to find ways to be sustainable without sacrificing our vibes or values. Creating a non-judgmental space where the sustainable choice isn't "one-size-fits-all." It's about finding the eco-fit that suits you, your lifestyle and your planet. 🌍✨

Style society sustainable doesn t have to be expensive

our mission and values

feel good, look good, be good!

We've set up shop to bring stylish, sustainable, cool, staple and sometimes controversial right to your fingertips, giving you the power to shop with a conscious.

Run by a team of women who believe in the power of change, we stand by our eco-conscious creators, and together, we’re threading a future that's greener and kinder.

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Each click, each purchase, each moment you spend with us helps nurture a better tomorrow.
Come browse around, and find those perfect, planet-loving pieces that tells the world who you are.

Together we can,
Be Good, Look Good, Feel Good!